about us

We are a team of passionate travellers who love discovering new tech to enhance our adventures.

Our Mission

To help make your travelling experience an easier, more pleasurable experience through sharing expert opinions on the latest electronics within the travel niche.

Our Values

We simply want to create a content hub for all things travel tech, in hopes that our expert knowledge helps you on your next adventure.

Meet our team

Brandon Saltalamacchia
With over 12+ years experience reviewing tech products, founding the world's leading retro gaming website and travelling to over 5 different continents, Brandon now wants to build the go to source for explorers who are into their electronics.
Anthony Wallace
Anthony has been a digital nomad for half of his life, travelling the world and working on the road comes second nature to him, and with his passion for gaming and tech products he is the go-to writer for Electro Dodo.
Seb Santabarbara
Editor In Chief
Seb has travelled around the world in a van for well over 5+ years, making him the perfect fit for testing products on the go and heading up Electro Dodo's written content strategy.

A part of the Click Hill Network

Electro Dodo is part of the Click Hill network, meaning we have another “Dodo” website known as Retro Dodo. It’s the world’s leading retro gaming website with millions of monthly readers, and almost half a million community members.

We plan on building Electro Dodo to a similar size and making it a strong member oF the Dodo family.

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