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10 Best Macbook Air M2 Accessories Of 2022 (All Reviewed)

If you’re lucky enough to have upgraded your Macbook, then you might be looking around the web for the best Macbook Air M2 accessories.

Well, I was doing the same. I have upgraded from a 2017 Macbook Pro to the all new Macbook Air M2 (2022) model, and like any Apple fan-boy I tried searching for some accessories, and to my disbelief, there was a lot of low quality articles sharing generic accessories.

So I thought i’d craft my own article to help those that are looking for the same things I am.

So, below you will find the best Macbook Air M2 accessories that I am using, and play to use in the coming weeks to increase productivity and keep my new Macbook as fresh as can be!

Let’s jump in.

1. Incase Nylon Compact Case

incase compact macbook sleeve

The first Macbook Air M2 accessory I had to purchase was a sleeve, and after many years of using INCASE products, I had no second thoughts of who I was going to go to for Macbook sleeves.

Incase create some of the best sleeves on the market, and the recently launched Compact Sleeve that comes in “flight nylon” is a perfect fit for the Macbook Air M2. The nylon material is very durable, and can withstand lots of bumps, scratches and scruffs.

It even comes with a pocket on the front for storing documents, accessories or even the best desk toys should you want to bring them along.

On the inside of the sleeve is protected with a plush faux-fur lining, stopping your Macbook from getting scratched and adds a layer of extra protection from impact.

For extra detail the sleeve comes with custom barrel zip pulls and vision zips to give it that rugged look. This accessory is highly recommend for anyone that used a backpack to transport their Macbook Air M2.

2. Orbitkey Nest

orbitkey nest

I have been using the OrbitKey Nest for well over a year now, and even though I class it as an “expensive” accessory, I have fallen in love with it, not only because of how well its made, but because it makes travel so much easier for me.

The Nest is quite simply a storage box, that comes with custom segments that can be re-sized using velcro dividers, and it also has a wireless charger on top so that you can close it, and charge your smartphone on top while working.

It’s big enough to fit in a lot of different accessories, for example in mind I have my Airpods, a portable hard drive, a pen, a pocket knife, two different cables, my credit/debit cards, SD cards, business cards and my USB-C dongle.

I keep these all in the Nest for when I need to grab everything and go work in a coffee shop for example. The wireless charger does need to be connected to a USB-C slot to work, but with the Macbook Air M2, that’s easy as it comes with a dual UCB-C 35W charger.

It’s the accessory that will last you for years to come, and the build quality is superb because.. well it’s Orbitkey, they know what they are doing.

3. TARGUS USB-C 4K Dongle

targus 4k dongle macbook air m2

I always struggle with USB-C dongles. I have gone through many. Some just don’t work, some struggle to give a reliable HDMI output, some don’t have SD card inputs and the list goes on.

Anker and NOVOO have been the worst for me, but Targus tends to last the longest in my opinion. This one here is the 4K USB-C dongle. It comes with a large number of ports, but more importantly it comes with the SD card slot that the Macbook Air M2 is missing.

Why did you not add this Apple!

It connects via USB-C and comes with HDMI out, a bunch of USB-A ports, a USB-C port and a Micro SD card slot that is located just above the SD card slot, allowing to leave those adapters at home when you go out.

The only slight downfall with this USB-C adapter is that it’s larger than most, but that’s because of the amount of ports it comes with. Bigger is always better when it comes to these hubs, in my opinion!

4. LACIE Portable Hard Drive

lacie portable hard drive

Hard drives are the bane of my life, i’ve gone through many and still to this day they seem to break, corrupt or a small drop turns them into a million pieces.

So for that reason, a couple of years ago I switched to LACIE hard drives and i can confirm, they are as good as people say. The idea of adding a protective rubber around the device to protect it from bumps is genius.

I have lost a total of 5 hard drives from drops, and i’m not talking drops from a mountain top, a simple drop out of the pocket is enough to say goodbye to your terrabytes of memories and files.

Yes, I should back them up, but I should also be smart and invest in a more durable storage system. LACIE has been by my side for years, and I have yet to lose any files from a drop, allowing me to have a peace of mind when I travel with my setup.

It comes in a wide number of different sizes, from 500GB to 5TB, choose wisely.

This is by far one of the best Macbook Air M2 accessories on the list, because we all know 512GB internal storage just isn’t enough.

5. Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones

sony wh-1000xm5

It’s not often I treat myself to some new headphones, and that’s because the technology rarely advances, or enough for me to feel like it’s worth a $300 upgrade, but the Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones made me pull the trigger.

I had my previous headphones for five years, and even though I missed them and they had noise cancelling technology, these headphones took it to the next level.

They’re designed with minimalism at the forefront, they are light on the head and the ear cups feel as if they suck you into a dark, quite room, ready to give you an incredible listening experience.

These will pull you into focus when working on the Macbook Air M2 and if you like going to coffee shops like me then this will drown out all of the noise, all while syncing to your tech organically.

Overall it’s one of the best Macbook Air M2 accessories for those looking for a new pair of headphones, and if you go with the midnight colour, they both sync up well.

6. Logitech MX Master

A mouse is a must have for anyone using a laptop, it takes your productivity to the next level especially when you’re using it as part of a desk setup with an external monitor.

I typically use to work with “normal” mice, the ones that use a laser or some kind of movement, but I decided to test out the MX Ergo specifically for this article, and after many weeks of using it, I can confirm it’s a new way of using a Macbook.

The ball is incredibly fluid, and although it takes a few hours to get use to, it become a seemless experience and you can get extremely accurate with your mouse aim in a single day.

The only advantage of going for a trackball base mouse it the fact that you don’t ware down your mouse mat, it’s more comfortable because of the little movement, you’re not getting things, hair, or dirt stuck within the lasers, meaning there’s very little maintenance or chance of breaking and less chance of carpel tunnel.

Because I tend to do lots of video editing, it consisted of lots of movement on my wrist, and at times it would get tight and I would need a break. This has never happened using the MX Ergo, making me believe this could help in the long run.

7. Incase A.R.C. Travel Pack

incase macbook backpack

If you’ve picked up a Macbook Air M2, it’s likely that you like to travel light, and having a backpack that works with your setup is mandatory to travel in peace and comfortability.

One of the best backpacks for your Macbook is hands down the A.R.C Travel Pack by Incase, it may look a little overkill but trust me, it’s the only backpack you’ll need because it’s designed to be a “one for all” backpack.

It’s built to not only pack your laptop, but your accessories, your best desk fidget toys, your clothes and everything else you need for a week away.

It has lots of compartments, fits airport bag measurements perfectly, there’s handles on the side if you want to hold it for a briefcase and INCASE has designed it to put all of your best Macbook Air M2 accessories in certain compartments.

It’s big, but its the only backpack you’ll need for travelling for work, for weekends or weeks.

8. Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard

logitech mx keys

To complete your portable desk setup there’s no better keyboard fit for travelling than the Logitech MX Keys Mini, a lightweight, slim lined portable bluetooth keyboard with great battery life.

I have been using this keyboard for about a year now and it always amazes me how long it lasts on a single charge, and that’s from someone who uses it 8 hours a day. I go weeks without needing to charge it!

Each key has a slightly embossed circle in it to help with key strokes. On the back you’ll find a USC-C charging port, and the long battery acts as lip for the keyboard giving it a nice slant when being used,

It works for MacOS and comes with a bunch of shortcuts too, allowing you to map it to how you want it.

But my favourite part is just how light and portable is, making it easy to chuck it into my backpack when I am going to work in a coffee shop or if I am travelling for work for a few days.

It’s one of the best Macbook Air M2 accessories on the block.

9. Orbitkey Mouse Pad

orbitkey mouse pad

Now this accessory might not be directly for your Macbook Air M2, but it can be used with the overall setup of your Macbook. I typically have my Macbook Air connected to an external monitor, then used with the Logitech MX Keys Mini and MX Ergo mouse.

Theses accessories both sit on the Orbitkey Desk Mat. it’s a large high quality desk matt made of black vegan leather, and underneath it is a fabric pad that acts as a raise and keeps the matt from sliding. Between these two materials you find a secret compartment that can used to hide or store documents.

Simply lift up the flap and slide your paper underneath.

Along the top there’s also a bar that dips into the leather and gives it some weight. This can be used to store small accessories such as USB sticks, pens and SD cards.

Along that bar is a magnet that features a cutout which is used to organise your charging cable. This is great because the cable never gets lost and i can charge my keyboard or mouse when need be within just a few seconds.

It’s one of the best desk mats on the market for good reason, and I have been using mine for over 6 months and it hasn’t had any wear or tear. Don’t forget i use a trackball mouse, which helps with not scuffing the matt.

10. Screen Protect For M2 Macbook Air

screen protector for macbook air m2

The Macbook Air M2 isn’t cheap, and a slightly chip, scratch or crack on the screen can ruin the whole experience, so there’s no better accessory than a cheap and cheerful screen protector.

You know what they do, so I won’t go into to much detail, but I highly recommend buying a screen protector for your new Macbook, not only because of protection, but the fact that it increase the resale value if your Macbook is in good condition when you eventually sell it a few years down the line.

Buy one, or you’ll regret it, trust me.

So there you have it a look at our best Macbook Air M2 accessories of the year, most of them have been tested and reviewed by our team, so you know you’re getting trust un-biased opinions!

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